Finally, A Diagnosis!

As some of you know, I have been suffering from an itchy skin rash for almost a year. It has been mostly on my back, but has at times branched out to my limbs and chest. My face has been free of it and I’m thankful for that. The most difficult thing about it has been the extent of the itching and my losing battle trying not to scratch it, which only makes it worse.

The most frustrating thing about it has been a lack of diagnosis which has made it harder to treat and just made me wonder sometimes if it was ever going to go away.

Steroid cream the only thing that defeats it, but I can only take the very lowest dose, or I have a bad reaction: depression. Strange, except that is my reaction to tablets as well, prednisone. Fortunately it has been responsive lately to the lower dose!

I had a biopsy done by a different dermatologist early on and the results were auto immune disease and/or allergy to medication. I showed no markers for auto immune in any of my blood tests fortunately, and found two meds I was allergic to. Going off them yielded no results.

Finally, a week ago, a new Dermatologist did two punch hole biopsies on my back. I got a call with the results: eczema and allergic dermatitis. They are keeping up my gentle skin care, switching me to CeraVe moisturizer for the eczema. And I was already signed up for contact dermatitis testing in August (the soonest I can get in) for environmental allergies to find out what the allergic dermatitis is caused by.

I will have all my answers. This doesn’t look like eczema. I don’t know why the first biopsy missed it. This Dermatologist is very good and I am very happy to be working with her. I’m relieved to have answers. I’m still itching. I love this moisturizer. I know eczema is chronic. I’m not happy with having it, but I’m glad to know what’s going on.

I encourage everyone who is sick to keep looking for answers and to not be afraid to switch doctors if the one you have isn’t finding any answers, sooner rather than later. Your first loyalty is to yourself!

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