2018 in Review

This past year has been an eventful one for me with my health. I am thankful that a long standing sleep disorder was resolved by finally having a sleep evaluation at my plan’s sleep clinic. I resisted being tested for years for fear I would test positive and be required to use a CPAP machine. The very thought made my claustrophobia go wild. This proves the maxim of how fear can hold us back and keep us from resolving the very things in life that will make our lives much better.

The results showed my breathing was restricted when I slept, but not enough to require a CPAP ~ because it only happened when I slept on my back. This was finally resolved by my sleeping semi upright with a wedge in my bed and keeping me on my back. This changed my 1-1/2 to 3 hours per night of sleep to 7-8 per hour a night of quality sleep! Restorative, beautiful sleep brought on by the courage to move forward and be tested!

The second medical problem I faced is still unresolved. The past 8 months I’ve battled an insidious and unidentified incredibly itchy rash on my back. I had it on both arms for a while, but those areas resolved. My back area continues to break out, most recently with welts. Since I’m allergic to most steroids it’s very hard to treat. I’m seeing a new dermatologist January 31st and praying for new light to be shed on the problem. Please join me!

The two things I am most thankful for in all of this are first the support of my dear husband who has been my partner in all things and helped treat my back where I couldn’t reach part of the problem. Not very romantic!

Secondly, my bipolar 1 disorder has remained very stable throughout all of this. I was shaken when the sleeplessness hit, but managed enough rest with naps not to get manic. I ate right, took my meds, prayed, tended to my anxiety. I did all I could and left the rest to medication, my doctors, and God. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for staying mentally well. It’s my miracle of 2018.

I rejoice in the blessings of this year. My family is well. My husband and daughter are both happy and well. My Dad is healthy and celebrated his 89th birthday two days ago! I hope you all had a 2018 you can be thankful for and wish gratitude and happiness for you in 2019! God is good!

2 thoughts on “2018 in Review

  1. Beautiful Libby, I’m SO SO SO glad you won’t have to use the CPAP (I’m so proud of you that you got tested) and that is fantastic news that the wedge is helping!!!!
    I’ll pray that your Jan. 31st appt. with the dermatologist fixes the rash situation once and for all!
    Sending you all my love, you wonderful friend!
    Happy New Year to you and yours, & happy belated birthday to your father – 89 – WOW!!!!!!!!!

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