Bipolar: Flying Without A Net

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” William James

Last night I was filling out a form for my new acupuncturist. One of the questions under mood had a selection for stressed. Not been terribly introspective by nature, I turned to my husband of 39 years and inquired if stress was a primary state of mine.

He replied strongly in the affirmative! I said my life is pretty balanced right now. He said yes BUT the anxiety and bipolar you cope with daily brings high stress to you constantly.

I realized how right he was. The hours of dealing with #mentalillness takes its toll daily, stressing my system, energy, emotions, psyche, heart and mind! Anxiety and worry are exhausting. Maintaining balance with swinging emotions takes the wind out of my sails!

It’s scary: maintaining control when control is an illusion. Trying for mindfulness on days when you can’t “choose one thought over another” because your thoughts have sprung loose and they’re running off on their own!

These are daily challenges I face. I’m excited about acupuncture for anxiety. My therapist says its had a high rate of success with his patients. I guess my stress level tends to run high.

Admitting it will help. Not pushing myself will help. Exercise, taking my meds, good sleep all help. Having bipolar 1 disorder has forced me to take better care of myself! I will let you know if acupuncture helps too.

Stress and worry to me is like flying on a trapeze without a net. You are forfeiting your protection; the cushion good, positive thinking provides. Positive, hopeful thinking feels like flying and provides a safety net if you fall. You don’t get hurt. You don’t hurt yourself. Stress and worry feeds anxiety and depression and hurts. Fixing your thoughts (when you are well enough to do so) on positive things dispels stress and anxiety.

If you’re not well and cannot do this, buddy up with a friend or family member who can. Surround yourself with positive people who can help you with your thinking and your outlook who is sensitive enough to know when you need help with your illness!

We need each other so much. We have to fight our overwhelming impulse to isolate and reach out. Our lives are at stake! Their quality for one, sometimes our very existence! Reach out for your safety net.

2 thoughts on “Bipolar: Flying Without A Net

  1. I love the net metaphor & pictures, Libby!!!!!!

    You & I are on the same wavelength! I see my (relatively) new acupunturist Dr. Yamamoto today this morning. I’ve been there to see her 2x and she is a wonderful person–she also has amazing reviews for her work—but I haven’t noticed improvement yet but I think I will. I’m happy to try it for a while because acupuncture has helped me a lot in the distant past for my knee pain after I had ACL reconstruction surgery & for irregular periods – it totally worked on both counts. (I’m seeing Dr. Yamamoto for a new bout of knee pain, & for good ‘ol insomnia & stress!)

    Yes, please let us know how it goes with acupunture – I’m rooting for you!

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    • Dyane! That is incredible! We are the soul sisters of acupuncture! 🙂 I’m always thrilled to find I have stumbled into trying something you have found to be successful because I trust your instincts and judgment! This was only my second time, but I did notice some results today! I had a really bad area in my upper right arm where they had taken the punch biopsy of my eczema. It was bruised and surrounded by fresh eczema, and itching like crazy. This was the culprit that had woken me up at 4 AM this morning. She surrounded it with treatment impressions (needles) and it feels soooo much better! I will sleep like a baby tonight. I do feel myself getting emotionally bolder, so perhaps I am making some progress against the anxiety as well.

      Moving enthusiastically forward, I remain, your friend and sister to kicking butt for mental health!!!! 🙂 🙂

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