Hope and Happiness

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” Tom Bodett

Riley, Abby and I

You see a lot of writing about bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and other forms of mental ill health. Few mention happiness. It’s true, it’s a tough taskmaster mental illness. Months can go by where you’re feeling pretty bad, definitely not worried about happiness, just trying for not bad.

But, deep down, the quest for happiness stirs. Everyone truly craves happiness. If the quote holds true, love is a component. I’m blessed there. I have a loving husband and daughter. Something to do? That can be hard. Meaningful work. I have forfeited many jobs due to anxiety. I have one current client in my social media business: an author whose book I’m promoting. I’m also typing his next book. Everything else, I’m doing on my own: social media, blogging, and of course housework, grocery lists, cooking all that fun stuff. Everything counts, because it helps bolster your self worth. Praying for people isn’t work, but it does make me happy!

I have hope. That’s my first priority because without hope, there is no way to carry on. People need hope. Whether they have a chemical imbalance in their brain, are crippled in one limb, or have no apparent symptoms at all. Maybe you are almost 100%, you still need hope for tomorrow to be truly happy. Hope begins and ends with being positive in your thinking. Depression kills hope. That’s why it can kill the people who suffer from it. It’s so crucial to treat depression and to reach out to people in the throws of it.

Here’s hoping that your tomorrow brings you something you find happiness in! If you can’t ~ reach out to someone else who can help you find hope in your life again. You need hope for life itself, not just happiness.

5 thoughts on “Hope and Happiness

  1. Don’t ask me how my brain works, dear & beautiful Libby, but this blog post title made me think of this classic scene from “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” – one of my favorite films:

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  2. I am SOOOOO glad you have hope!!! It is essential and you wrote about it beautifully, Libby.

    I don’t usually like to tweet about my happiness & hope (unless it has to do with Lucy, LOL!!!!) but today I thought, what the heck. On Twitter, my second home, I replied to a fellow who I thought needed to know that I was happy – maybe not blissful, but happy despite having bipolar disorder.

    After I tweeted to “Akhileshwar Sahay,” I thought I might have offended him, but it turned out he retweeted what I wrote. He also tweeted he was going to buy my book, ha ha ha!!!!

    Here’s our fun exchange:

    I noticed that Akhileshwar Sahay retweeted the PsychCentral postpartum bipolar podcast episode that I was on and he wrote these lines to accompany it:

    Akhileshwar Sahay Retweeted Gabe Howard (PsychCentral podcast)
    Whether postpartum Depression or postpartum bipolar disorder we Indians are happy in the bliss of our stigma and ignorance. It is time to join the chorus #IndiaMeTooMentallyIll

    I tweeted back to him (and I attached my Kay Jamison quote/my book photo, LOL!)

    “Hello Akhileshwar! This is Dyane, the guest on this podcast. Thank you for sharing it. I am happy today as an author, a mom of 2 beautiful girls & a “fur baby”/dog, & married to my incredible husband since 2001. Life is good. I am very grateful.”

    He wrote: “@DyaneHarwood if Kay Redfield Jamison says it, it must be too good. Is it available on Amazon?”

    I replied & attached that photo of me in the pink top and Lucy that I’m always tweeting, hee hee:

    “Yes, it’s on Amazon! The day I found out about her endorsement, I was so thrilled—it’s good no one was home but poor Lucy to hear my whoop! 😀 I’m honored there are other incredible people who endorsed it as well.”

    So it all turned out positive! I thought at first he was being snarky and maybe he was, but I wanted him to know that postpartum bipolar can live alongside happiness(and hope), you know?

    Thank you for writing about this topic because it’s super-important, now more than ever, my wonderful friend!


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    • Yay Dyane! We are trending! #mentalhealthhopeandhappiness ! It’s long but it’s worthwhile and gives us the strength to turn the page in a truly worthwhile and helpful book like yours, “Birth of a New Brain Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder” or turning the page on a brand new day! A bit of hope and a tinge of happiness helps us to begin again!

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