I’ve Got My Mind Back!

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Joseph Addison

I was always a voracious reader until psychiatric medications began to stack one on top of one another. I don’t know which one did it, or if it was the illness itself, but suddenly I couldn’t read. Not like I used to. I couldn’t devour books. I couldn’t read one cover to cover. I couldn’t sit still long enough. I couldn’t concentrate. I could read the bible. A passage here and a passage there. I could read an article on my computer or phone. I could write. Blog. Short pieces at a time. I feel anxious just writing this. It brings me too close to the way I used to feel. Icky.

I’m writing this to celebrate. Six years ago or so, I was hospitalized for depression. I saw a very gifted psychiatrist. He said I was hypomanic. Now, I blurted? I’m always like this. The Abilify I was taking to make the SSRI anti depressant I was taking was pushing me hypomanic. He said I shouldn’t be on an SSRI or Abilify, which I had been on for years! He switched me to Latuda and took me off the others. He also said I would get my mind back.

He was right. I did. It all came back, slowly, but surely. Last week, I told an author, Diane Harwood, I would read her book and review it and I did! I realized today what a big deal that was! I’m very thankful my mind is working again and I was able to keep my word. What follows is a re-blog of her magnificent book, “Birth of a New Brain: Healing from Postpartun Bipolar Disorder.”

5 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Mind Back!

  1. Libby, this is such a great success story, if you will! I’ve heard from many people with bipolar that they’ve lost the ability to read. My heat goes out to them. I have lost it too during certain periods of bipolar depression. I can’t begin to explain how awful that is – to lose the ability to do something that one brought you joy.

    Thanks for the kind words about my book and for the beautiful review you wrote. I’m so glad you were able to read, let alone review, “Birth of a New Brain—Healing from Postpartum Bipolar,” Libby! Thank you so much!

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  2. I spent several years on Lamictal and I couldn’t even comprehend a basic article. Tried Trileptal. Same thing. After adjusting to Zyprexa I think just fine. Lots of Bipolar people take Abilify for hypomania.


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